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Welcome to my Falmouth based building firm.

My name is Brian Boulton and I’m Falmouth born & bred with a superior track record of building excellence.

  • You will receive a comprehensive experience comprising all building materials, modern & old, including stonework on historic buildings (with the subsequent arches, doorways, and paved ways)!
  • I have constructed complete houses, simple extensions, patio’s, walls, garages, and worked across the entire spectrum of building works and style.
  • I can renovate, rebuild to any specification you provide, including all roofing work.
  • You will find I’m comfortable liaising with supporting agencies from architects to building inspectors.
  • You will receive a free estimate that is accurate and with a given time-frame.
  • I am a registered Master Builder in Falmouth. A Master Builder requires a proven track record of experience , in my case 34 years, in addition to the completion of a recognised indentured building apprenticeship. I have both.

I utilise the SMART concept, which is:

  • Specific work
  • Measureable progress
  • Achievable from the outset
  • Realistic, within a
  • Timeframe agreeable to the customer.